Name: Ambelu – Climate: Temperate, Water Fair – Toxicity: Zero

Ambelu is an idyllic agrarian world drew some attention decades ago, people flocking to immigrate to it. It calmed down in time, and strangely enough seems to pass by unoticed in most records, and barely on any maps. It rolls out prairies and fields, allowing people to form up farms rather than huge skyscraping cities. The farms themselves change from family to family, one bloodline grows crops with the help of their Bulbasaur, whilst another, like the Coley’s, raise the Pokemon themselves.

Mareep are by far the most common thing around, Mareep wool is almost imperitive to get through the winters on Ambelu. Fields of Tauros, Milktank, Blitzle, and Bouffalant span across the landscape, watched over by Lillipup and Snubbull. The skies are clear enough to sit and watch many bird Pokemon fly by and the nights are quiet enough to hear the Hoothoot. Or at least it would be, if that new fella’ Steve Baldwin would keep his Tepig quiet.

Recently, members of the party have learned that Baldwin’s Tepig have run amok and caused some havoc with some of the farms on Ambelu, to the point where they’re sending items to other planets to raise money to rebuild. Stranger still, Dave hasn’t heard from his family in a little while now.


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