Artemis is the first planet in the Hecate trio, alongside Hermes and Hephaestus. Most of the planet is strewn with tall and dense forests and jungles. The environment is hard to navigate and because of this, a lot of the cities that have been built around it are along the tops of the treelines, rather than disturbing it’s surface.

Artemis protects the wildlife and the trees of it’s planet, becoming a hot spot for activists, or ‘hippies’ as citizens of Hephaestus like to call it, whom want to use the wood and scavenge the planet for extra resources it knows the planet might hold.

The planet has thriving life, and Pokemon are a common sight to come up to the treetops and play, but are dangerous when going deep into the jungles and forests. Giant Shroomish are sighted and gigantic Vileplume are avoided. It takes the term Megafauna to a whole new level.


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