Asteroid Beldum


These Beldums and their evolved forms make their home on asteroids high in iron content. Even after Beldums combine to become Metangs and then into Metagrosses, they continue to grow extra ‘cores’ akin to Beldum that can be removed from their bodies and implanted in small asteroids to produce more of their kind. As such, they don’t have the smooth and angular appearance of their normal versions, instead having roughly shaped bodies of hewn stone and unprocessed metal.
Dense asteroid fields often hold large colonies of these creatures, and it isn’t uncommon within these colonies to find entire asteroids composed of linked Beldums, Metangs, and Metagrosses. Despite the lack of psychic ability, they seem able to communicate with each other when physically connected.

Common Habitat: Asteroid fields
Mechanical Changes: Asteroid Dwelling Beldums are Rock/Steel Type. Clear Body becomes Solid Rock. Light Metal becomes Sturdy. Asteroid Dwelling Beldum have Home Gravity 1, Gravitic Tolerance 1-3, Vacuum Immunity, Hazard Immunity, and Free Floating 8 in place of their Levitate score. Rank down Focus and Combat and rank up Perception and Athletics.

Replace Moves in its level-up list as follows: Miracle Eye becomes Lock On, Zen Headbutt becomes Power Gem, Psychic becomes Stone Edge. The Asteroid Dwelling Beldum line loses the ability to learn damaging Psychic Type TM and Tutor Moves and becomes able to learn all Rock Type TM and Tutor Moves.

Asteroid Beldum

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