Name: Eletania – Climate: Temperate, Polluted, Fluctuating Water Levels – Toxicity: Mild

Eletania was a great garden world, with a world eminently suited for colonisation. Sadly, to call it that now is a gross deception. The build up of people coming to the world and trying to build on it caused worse and worse conditions to arise, polluting the planet heavily. The majority of the planet now is a carpet of mosses, algae and lichen. The few cities that do still exist there manage to get by wearing gasmasks out in the open at a minimum, and cleaning every day. They’ve developed a way to at least clean the water they use, but this is slowly running out.

The pollution on the planet caused a few mass extinction events, however it still has some species that call it home. Koffing are common in the wild, some believe they help the climate, others feel they hinder, but either way they’re not going anywhere. Venipede make their homes in mounds of moss, thankfully they do not bother with the colonists very much, at least not as much as the Nidoran that fight for scraps of food. Gligor seem to cause a similar problem, but they mostly lurk in caves finding who knows what else to feast on. Waters on the planet house Skrelp and Tentacool, but it’s said there were once Horsea, but nobodies seen a Horsea for years.

There is a legend on the planet, however, that there was a trainer who brought a Pokemon to the planet nobody could recognise, that was the embodiment of Poison, who polluted the planet due to their greed to get a hold of it, but many pass this off as an excuse for what their ancestors did to make the world what it is.


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