Gravail is an enigma of a planet, it is a basic garden planet, although the majority of it is grass and rock, prairies and plains, rather than forests or deserts. Water on the planet is low as well. These issues are dwarfed, however, compared to the planets fluctuating gravity. Areas of the world have normal gravity, enough to walk around the surface, where others seem to have extremely low and changing gravity, causing chunks of rock to float and giving people an ability to fly in their area.

Geodude are obviously extremely prominent here, but Rhyhorn roam the fields and Baltoy are found around areas that have the least gravity, especially when the gravity shifts and underground ruins break through the surface. The ruins themselves seem strange, and small.

There is also one strange sight on the planet which has been recorded for the past few years. Once during the Summer Month, a group of Kabutops will run through the land, leaping from floating rocks to others, and then be on their way.
Only problem is the rest of the year there are no Kabutops.
So where do they come from, and where do they go?


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