Hephaestus is the second in the Hecate Trio of planets. It was once twin to Artemis, covered in similar foliage and treeline, until these colonists decided to rip down the trees for fuel and materials, it was indeed a good plan to keep them going however it has now come to an end, with barely any sections of the planet left with this wildlife.

They began to mine the planet out, and found great material in the ground that could be used to make a fantastic new alloy, and although the properties are still being found out, they’re eager to make more, trying to get onto the planet Artemis to find more, much to the dismay of their citizens.

The planet’s surface now, what’s left of it that isn’t a quarry, is either wasteland or plains, or lakes. Despite this, many grass Pokemon remain, changed a little by the change in their ecosystem, adapting to the ground instead, and others have developed to the pollution roiling out. Most notably a Ground version of the Pansage family, and some pure Poison Budew and Roserade.


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