Name: Intai’Sei – Climate: Vibrant, Water-rich – Toxicity: Light

Intai’Sei is a temperate garden world currently in its megafauna stage. It’s a verdant world with abundant water, temperate climate, a thick oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and a rich ecosystem. Strangely enough, when the planet was colonised decades ago, there were already many ruins around it, which have been adapted to the colonists needs, suitable as shelter and bases of operations. The ruins themselves seem to contain the typical Unown Hieroglyphs found on a number of other worlds, the connection is still up in the air.

Unown themselves seem to be fairly common, it’s not unusual to wake up and find one watching nearby, only to disappear. Strange, maybe, but commonplace now in Intai’Sei. That said, the rest of the ’Verse still believe Unown to be some old myth and hoax. Other Pokemon on the planet seem to match the fauna, mossy and covered in vines in addition to whatever they look like before. Tangela are common, as are Phantump, strangely enough. Cottonee, Carnivine, Shroomish, litter the forests as Sewaddle, Weedle and Caterpie line the trees, each alongside similar Pokemon. There also seems to be a strangely attuned to the earth form of Sudowoodo, covered in similar moss and vines to the rest of the planet, they are Rock/Grass types.

The planet itself is currently fairly closed off, there seems to be something in the atmosphere that, whilst isn’t entirely dangerous, is unsafe to people who haven’t lived planetside. It gives people a strange illness, and is something the people there are slowly working on.


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