Job Listing

The PC’s Current Jobs are;

Job 1; Cargo Transport from Urath to Ordona; A posh bloke on Ordona wants a ‘package’ delivered to him from Urath, says it’s mighty important that it’s gone and collected and then brought directly to him. He’s paying a lot so I’m not too fussed about us doing it, but I’m not gonna lie about being curious.

Job 2; Expedition Support on Voreadan; I know we’ve just dealt with some science-y blokes but this one seemed interesting. An archaeologist wants to go take a look down some tomb and just wants a few able bodied trainers to help him along. He’s interested in somethin’, Pool of some kind, but says we can keep whatever else we find, so why not!

Job 3; Security Detail on Artemis; A party is being organised to help with future diplomacy and trades between the three planets, Artemis, Hermes and Hephaestus, and you’ve all been invited! Kind of! As security! It shouldn’t be too tough and they really just need extra pairs of eyes to keep an eye on a few bigwigs, shouldn’t be too difficult! Those folks from Hephaestus get a little rough when they’ve had too many, though, I hear.

The Main Job; Transport Supplies to Ulphamero; This is the main mission the captain has taken, and the supplies take up considerable space in the storage section of the ship. The other missions are idle jobs on the way, but Ulphamero is the main destination. The above jobs are stops along the way.

Job Listing

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