Name:Ontamalca – Climate: Temperate, City Planet – Toxicity: Zero

Ontamalca is a city planet, officially recognised by organisations high up in the universe but hardly ever used by it. The planet has become a residential planet, building out as well as up, and engulfing the world with buildings. It’s not a bad thing, however, it hasn’t had negative impacts and the Pokemon seem to have thrived in a new, urban society, finding shops as excellent ways to obtain food.

Gangs of Rattata, Poochyena and Scrafty get watched from rooftops by Murkrow, Tailow and Meowth. Sewer systems put in place are home to Grimer and Muk, alongside rumours of Sandile once flushed down there.

The planet works, business comes in and out and it’s not one that causes trouble in the universe. Whether that’s because there isn’t trouble, or that it’s just real good at keeping quiet about it, is a different matter.


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