Ordana may as well be classed as a space station with a sky these days. The surface got quickly covered in cities and colonies and once they figured they couldn’t keep building out, they built up. Companies strive to make a name on Ordana, it’s the Hollywood of Business. Mawillecorp, lead designer and supplier of Pokeballs in the ’verse, have their company here. There are vague rumours of Pokemon Fight Clubs, where Human versus Pokemon battles happen often, as well as other seedy areas in otherwise a pristine city.

The PCs spent a fair few days here. They found, through helping Officer Jenny and Alisa, an old mining operation that’d been abandoned, save for a species of Aron that fed on Gold and had adapted to it. The other resident of the cave system was a Bismuth Sableye, which had been nicknamed The Crystal Monster by the Aron.

The PCs also encountered the Camerattata, another company of Ordona that specialised in items of interest made through discoveries involving Pokémon, and also the ones in charge of Pokémon Fight Clubs. Dane and Izzy participated in a couple of these fights. Their second encounter with the Camerattata was due to the escape of a Dreamdery, and it had messed with their dreams during a stay In the Pokémon centre.

Talsi left the party here, decided to stay on Ordona to pursue training in Mawillecorp.


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