Urath is an ice planet, however, to look at it from a good distance is looks more like a spiked ball. Its surface is heavily mountainous, the colonists that have made the planet their home opting to build a network of caves and tunnels rather than go overground. If it wasn’t bad already due to the cold, the air above ground holds a good amount of toxicity, requiring colonists and visitors alike to wear suits until they get to ‘safe’ levels. Pokemon seem unaffected by the toxicity, however they are subject to the cold. Any Pokemon that isn’t native to the planet out in the cold, outside it’s Pokeball for longer than half an hour will begin to suffer.

Bergmite and Avalugg are a common sight, as are Cubchoo and Beartic, but there have been reports of some frosty looking Totodile.

It is illegal to release foreign Pokemon on Urath.
Due to the structure of major areas in Urath, trainers using Fire Pokemon must go through training and obtain a license to use them on Urath.

The crew spent a couple of days on Urath on their pick up and deliver job, encountering a gang called the Steam Chasers. Their first encounter, in a pub known as the Optimistic Krabby, went sour and the crew ended up having to sneak into the Steam Chaser’s base and obtain the Beartic.


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