Voreadan is a garden planet fairly close to the landscape of original earth, from areas of dense forest, to deserts and the Arctic poles. It’s only recently been discovered, and towns are popping up that look more like they’re from centuries ago, made out of basic materials.

That’s not what’s attracting most people to the planet though. After clearing the sandstorms from most of the desert, people have found a stone city, void of people, but filled with remnants. It has obvious signs of people living there long ago, but no bodies and only the odd Sandile. In the centre of the city, there is what looks like a giant castle, which dips down, going into what seems to be a tomb. This area has currently been fenced off, but this isn’t stopping people intrigued to get down. Problem is barely anyone is returning.

The crew are currently on Voreadan, after encountering Professor Lime in the city of Ashphaque, they’ve headed off to Snakestone to search for the tomb that Lime is looking for.


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